Thursday, May 20, 2010

Have you driven a Ford lately?

"The trouble with the assembly line is that you don't control the work, the work controls you." After three months with Obama's Sharia Health Care EMR (electronic medical record) I'm starting to see the reason behind Washington's mandate. It's not about safety, efficiency or innovation, it's about control.

The plan is to take all the decision making away from the clinician. It's the usual one size fits all big government approach to any situation. However, like the Snugli it doesn't fit anyone well. It is supposed to be evidenced based, which implies that prior to Obama's takeover doctors were still tossing bat wings and eye of newt into cauldrons to determine how to treat illness. The program does allow for customization, but the amount of clicking, dragging, editing and pop-up warnings will eventually wear you down. At the bottom of your pre-programmed orders is the disclaimer, "this preferred treatment plan is not meant to replace clinical judgment". Isn't that the biggest eraser-phrase that a group of lawyers ever came up with, bless their hearts.

Health care professionals are now data entry automatons that are being second-guessed by academics, accountants, administrators and bureaucrats. Probably 98% of what goes on in medicine is cut and dry; the other 2% is beyond any programmer's wildest imagination. I can't believe that doctors are putting up with this crap. There is a lot that will be lost when Sharia Health Care firmly takes hold. The great unspoken factor in health care for the last twenty years has been "production pressure". Now at least we can put a face on it.

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the making of a Ford.
It is made under conditions that would offend even the Lord.
In a most ungodly hurry, and amidst a wild uproar.
Production rushes on.



goober said...

Is Sharia Health going to put UrgentCare places out of business?

D- said...

It's just an old term...Planned Obsolescence. Get old, get sick, or die. No cost to the Government.
UK health care does it all the time.

...What will the Government charge to have leaches suck the sickness out if they can not use eye of newt or bat wings?