Saturday, May 01, 2010

Obama; the father you wish you never had

I'm thinking about what makes President Obama so different than previous chief executives. I know our presidents are not father figures per-se like Abraham or Moses or Hitler, but they do have some paternal qualities. Imagine a father with obamanesque qualities:
He doesn't really identify with his children
He doesn't think they are too intelligent
He doesn't think they are special
He constantly apologizes for them
He doesn't keep them safe
He doesn't have their best interests at heart
He uses them for social experiments
He has no regard for their opinions
He wants to control every facet of their life
He thinks they exist to worship him

Now you see a fatherless president who lacks any paternal instincts. He never learned or had anyone to show him what a father is. I'm not saying that every great leader came from a perfect family. The chaotic fatherless early years of President Obama have left us with an angry adolescent who is devoid of paternal instincts. Are you surprised that this father is spawning a nation of rebellious children?

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