Monday, May 03, 2010

Romeo Must Die

This is Sammy the Bull. Sammy is about 8 inches long. He is an Oscar. He is not a nice guy. He killed his mate. He lives with two Pleco's that he can't eat because the are the armadillos of scavengers. Sammy also rearranges the rocks and the gravel in the tank like a back-hoe. That little white bruise on his back is from when he tried to jump out of the tank and eat me (luckily I don't have a pony tail).

Over in the other tank are these guys, two of my three Silver Dollars. They are the opposite of Sammy. They are more like three Jewish Rabbis. However, these guys are almost two inches long and in their own way intimidate all the little tetras and cause them to hide in the plants.

I think Sammy has to go. Hopefully I can find a pet shop to take him. Then I'll move the three Rabbis into his tank. I just have to get up my nerve and put on my slicker and catch Sammy. If you're going to have a tank with one big fish, he should be a fish you like, and not one that is terminally pissed-off.

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D- said...

I know of three kitty cats who would just love a fresh fish dinner....
Two of them live on Yo-momma Drive. The other kitty lives in a city of "Groves".