Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another great "small film"

I'm so lucky to have two independent movie theaters in my area. Hollywood has really become the cesspool of schlock . I listen to reviews of the latest blockbusters and it seems even the talking heads have trouble finding anything to rave about. There are certain key phrases that let me know they really suck. Great animation (Avatar) translates to: flakey new-age vacuous plot. Great action (Prince of Persia) translates to: thoughtless remake of thoughtless remake (The Mummy) of great original action movie (Indiana Jones). I'm not going to pay money to see some mindless sequel whose best review starts with "It's not that bad." I have heard that the latest Shrek is just a collection of outtakes off the cutting room floor without any real story at all (and that was from a Shrek fan).

Without having access to indie films I'd probably go to the theater once a year. It's like what's happening with music, the real stuff is being done in basement studios while the "big labels" are recycling worn out has-beens with bling and synthesizers for a dumbed-down audience that tells themselves "it's not that bad". If you're wondering about a movie you should preview the trailer. If the trailer contains any of the following you should just skip going to see the movie:
people shooting handguns sideways
blue people with walleyes
zombies or vampires
body counts in the double digits
a dozen formerly famous actors
produced in Hollywood

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