Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finally A Diagnosis

I'm still having problems with
the Windows BC program that
I have to use at work. However
now I finally have a diagnosis.
It seems that I just don't tap my
touch-pad; No, I stomp on it. That's how I channel all my rage over having to use this POS program. I bounce my finger on the pad and vibrate it at a thousand HZ like I'm trying to squish an ant. My Super-User diagnosed my problem and said it is a common gender-based malady that
afflicts older men whose jobs are turned upside down by bureaucrats.

I am making a noble effort to overcome "angry frustrated
professional finger syndrome."Meditation along with breathing exercises and medication are helping me to touch the mouse-
pad lightly and just once. I do regress once in a while when
the simplest task requires me to click,
sign, drag, click, refresh, click, open, sign, cancel, refresh, enter, finalize, click,exit.....

However, I find comfort knowing
my condition is treatable.

1 comment:

D- said...

Rx: Take two aspirin. Go to a local Walmart or Best Buy and buy a mouse and pad. Plug it into the "lappy" and you'll feel better in the morning.

No more need to pound the "Lappy" into dust and making funny noises such as: @#&* #%^# &*^$.