Friday, June 04, 2010

Ice Road Truckers Return

Yippie! The next season of Ice Road truckers has started. What a relief to
see Americans that still have jobs. Why are these
guys and gals out there risking their lives and breaking their asses? It's not for Obama.

It's funny I don't see any Prius's out on the ice.

Below that ice is an ocean of oil. That's more long chain hydrocarbons than all the corn in Iowa. We actually can get this energy without kicking the floor out from under the tortilla market. There is an old saying "you don't burn your food and eat your garbage".

This is a well head on the North Slop of Alaska. It's not a hundred miles from shore or a mile down on the ocean floor. If it did blow out it would be controllable. But it's not about the American people; it's about the Euro, the Bilderberger's, the Trilateral Commission and the House of Saud.

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