Monday, June 07, 2010

A "Splice" of Fright

I enjoy Sci-Fi. It doesn't have to be
high budget but it has to make sense.
It has to be believable. That's where

most sci-fi falls short. Perhaps
believable isn't the correct ingredient
when talking about Sci-Fi; it has to be
honest and make sense within the
framework of fantasy.

Splice, starring Adrian Brody and Sarah
Polly, is good Sci-Fi. The plot comes right up to the
edge of plausibility, the characters are
developed to the point where you care about
them. Although the genetic lab has all the
ambiance of a body-shop, and the couple just
happens to have an abandoned nearby family
farm in which to hide their little mutant love child,
and their scientific methods are
reminiscent of Julia Child, these only make
this deranged duo more likable. It also has
the right amount of blood and gore. I thought
the retractable wings the mutant developed at the
end weren't necessary. But it was well acted
and it ended in a crescendo of fright;
which, after all, is the purpose of horror.

I give it four stars, but I'm a Sci-Fi fan.


Aunt Dot said...

I extremely dislike (hate isn't a nice word) Sci-Fi. I have no patience for it at all!

Babba-Gi said...

Are you sure about that Dottie?

Aunt Dot said...

Well....I think so :-)