Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh My "God T.V." network

When we got Satellite TV we got about 200 channels. In an effort to prevent endless channel surfing CP narrowed down our favorites to about 40 channels. I really don't need ESPN Ocho,
the gardening channel, fitness network, the 24/7 juicer channel and the Erotic Boutique. I think in my quest to remove tasteless programming I'll remove God TV, The Inspirational Network, and Word Television. I feel bad about this, but it seems to be the most bizarre vacuous self-centered preaching I've ever heard.

I can just imagine what the non-Christian must think when he happens upon this "carnival of souls." It seems that the gospel message is like a raisin hidden in a huge Caesar Salad. Occasionally there is a real Bible study, but most of the time it's one thirty minute Beg-a-thon after another. The majority of the teaching includes:
the church's relation to the modern state of Israel (like the Jews haven't suffered enough)
the old canard of Seed-Faith (sow here please)
the discredited prosperity doctrine (hard to sell in a global economic collapse)
Yay-God Music (lyrics, melody, talent optional)
Holistic Medicine (spend a fortune to keep your soul out of heaven)

There is nothing new under the sun. Christian broadcasting is now selling dispensations at a rate that would make a medieval Catholic Bishop blush. One of the name-it-claim-it (blab it and grab it) preachers was praising Tiger Woods as a great example of the product of quality mentoring. Obviously, this message was a bit dated. The less said about Tiger, the better. I listen attentively to these guys and gals but I can't understand a thing that they are saying, or what it has to do with God. I thought I was watching Louis Farrakhan for while after hearing this preacher add up a dozen unrelated numbers to make some inane point about 9/11. I can't take it, I can't watch another lady breathing like she's in labor while occasionally getting sucker punched by the Holy Spirit. I don't mean to be critical, I'm well acquainted with Spirit Filled worship and I'm not ashamed of it, but I wonder how this goofiness and self indulgence looks to the non-believers.


D- said...

Unfortunately B, the church has always had the fake and the fakers.
The mocking and scoffing because of it still goes on. They have their reward in full right now.
"But Lord, Didn't we.... ..."Depart from me, I never knew you."

M- said...

Yay God music. Perfect.

jondale said...

Ditto to M-...

I'm just glad you haven't blocked ABC Fam because that's where you can see me in action! HA!