Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Chickens a Comin' Home to Roost

I gassed up my fathers Oldsmobile and it cost $45. Gas is 75 cents more a gallon than when the evil George W. Bush was President. That comes to $10 more per tank. The state of NC also raises the gas tax along with increase in price, it's now 35 cents a gallon. So now when I fill up I just have to hand the Governor a fin for the privilege of living in NC. I'm glad food and gasoline don't go into the consumer price index. What can you expect from a President who stops all off shore drilling? Oh I forgot, he loves us; like O.J. loved Nicole. Now,I will survive if gas goes to $5/gallon, but what about the poor schmo with a family who's taking home a thousand dollars a month and now has to pay an extra thirty dollars a month for gas? Besides, when gas gets up to $4/gallon it will effect the Blue-Book value of my my 93 Oldsmobile. A full tank of gas can double its value.

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D- said...

Babba...At least you get real octane.
New York and California formulas do not have the octane rating in them nor does the gasoline burn as clean as they say it does. The auto shops/dealers have had a dramatic increase in plugged catalytic converters since they changed the formulas. (My source of info is a local Toyota dealership.) Mandatory equipment repairs demand mandatory income tax deduction.