Saturday, January 15, 2011

In Light Of The Arizona Shootings

In an attempt to improve the civil discourse in this country I aim going to do my part by aiming to:

Put down the toilet seat after using the potty

Return my shopping carts to the rack at Wal-Mart

Make a full stop before making a right on red

Not drink out of the open milk container

After all this wasn't just a random act of violence by a deranged psychopath, it was a statement of who we are as a people.

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aannie said...

I'm with you, Babba.We just all need to be more civilized. If we were all just more civilized then we wouldn't feel the need to shoot random politicians. If only we could organize a nationwide rally to show how civilized we can be. Then we'd all want to be more civilized all the time and acts of violence would cease.