Friday, January 28, 2011

Nanuk of The North

This is my car after three days in Pennsylvania. Luckily we left D.C. before the storm of the century; not before I accidentally visited the Pentagon (I know where I'm going Carol). Since it snows a few inches every day, it never melts, it just turns to brown mush. Driving across West Virginia was fun with trucks spraying us with slush and gravel. I think the windshield survived with just a little pitting. When we reached Virginia the sun came out and by the time we got home it was sunny and 45 degrees (notice reflection of sun in the window). Tomorrow is supposed to be 50 degrees and sunny so I'll try to wash all traces salt and grit off the Element.

When I got home I discovered Marianne left her crayons in our back seat. Some things never change. I must get theses back to her before her next class.

This sign is in the window of a
Bojangles Fried Chicken Restaurant in
Bristol Tenn. I asked the manager if she had an extra one for my dog's room. Too bad, she didn't so I took a picture of it. Speaking of Bo after we picked him up he went psycho for about five minutes then collapsed on Ben's bed.

I forgot just how much fun a 1,500 mile road trip can be, especially in a Honda Element.


goober said...

Could you send a little sun my way? I haven't seen any since November. It's as depressing as Western NY right now.

Aunt Dot said...

So, 1500 miles: is that a 2-day trip? Do you spend the night on the way up or make it a "long-haul?"

Babba-Gi said...

475 miles to D.C (BEN)
375 miles DC to Grove City Pa. (Marianne and David)
550 miles Pa. to Asheville NC
75 miles Marianne and Carol shopping
25 miles lost in D.C.

We left Sat. and got home Fri. We spent a couple days with each; don't want to become a bother (parents are like fish, both start to stink after three days).

I try not to drive more than 600 miles a day. Let's just say that Elements are not luxury sedans. Besides after about 10 hours I start to see ten foot tall bunnies standing on the median.

Babba-Gi said...
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D- said...

Mary was just looking at the pictures she took last year of the garden.... and the greenery. White ground and gray skys bring on the doldrums. Winter road spray is a way of life in Western NY.
Your road trip sounded like an adventure! Glad to hear my sleeping buddy (Bo) is alright.

Aunt Mary said...

A few hundred miles north and you could'a taken the doldrums out of our winter, ya know. I'm just saying.

Aunt Dot said...

I was thinking that 1500 miles was a loooonnnnggg way to D.C. from N.C., but I didn't "Google-map" it :-)

It takes us 7.5 hours to drive to Susanna's in Santa Cruz from here. We stop once for coffee and once for gas and pack our lunch. It's about a 400 mile drive -- very pleasant drive -- but I would say 475 miles to Ben's would definitely be enough for one day :-)

You had me LOL at the 10-foot bunnies :-)