Thursday, January 27, 2011

School Buses Do Run On Icy Roads

We just escaped D.C. before the ice storm of the century. I forgot the joy of the Pa. Turnpike. It's like a New York parkway with a 70 mph speed limit that allows trucks. We crossed over into Pa. at Hancock Md. and immediately it got dark and gray and the road got bumpy. About two miles into Pa. route 70 came to a dead stop. We sat for an hour and a half as every volunteer firetruck from every borough in western Pa. joined the festivities. It wasn't even a good accident, just a moving van that caught fire and they had to empty the home furnishings into another truck and then have a firefighter/paramedic pot-luck. I think somebody packed up the snowblower, judging by the hole in the size of the trailer.

I thought I was awake at 5 am but then I remembered that in western Pa. the sky doesn't go from black to battleship gray until 8. I then heard a snow plow go by and scrap off the inch of snow that fell last night. Then I saw a school bus, and I realized I've been deceived. School Buses do run on icy roads and an inch of snow doesn't cancel school for a week everywhere.

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