Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Miracle

Now that gas is about $3.50/gal my Oldsmobile has solved my problems. My gas gauge has been on full for three weeks. It's like a miracle from Peter Popoff , the widows oil that never ran out. I wish it was, but it's probably a short to ground since the needle stays pegged on full. So I guess I can keep going and just use the 1960 VW gas gauge; just keep tract of the mileage on the trip odometer .

What's worse is that the temperature is getting into the high seventies and I already miss the A/C which was the Oldsmobile's best feature. I can't believe how hot it is in this car without A/C. I even use a sun-shade when I park it and it still is like a dutch oven. That along with the need for a muffler makes me think it's time to sell this money pit.



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