Friday, March 18, 2011

A Smart and Witty Polemic

After reading the Millennium Trilogy and giving up on the apocalyptic "EMP bomb hits Mayberry" novel I'm now reading a "smart and witty polemic". It's about how snarkiness is replacing wit and satire in the internet age. I'm trying to grasp his argument, but it sometimes eludes me like music and foreign languages. I'm sure my literary daughter and son-in-law would understand it perfectly (like the way I understand the autonomic nervous system).

I'm about 40 pages into this 120 page essay so there is hope. I'm thinking snark is sort of like the cheap shot. The lazy person's attempt at humor combined with an element of sadism.

I'm thinking it relates more to shame where a person's value is demeaned, not just their speech and behavior. Whatever it exactly is, it flourishes in the internet wasteland of Facebook and Twitter. I'll try to get through the next eighty pages, but perhaps it would be easier to mail it to Marianne and David and have them tell me what point the author is making. It all started with Lewis Carroll's "The Hunting Of The Snark."

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goober said...

It sounded like an interesting read until I read the reviews over on Amazon. Ouch.