Friday, March 25, 2011

Students Keep Me Young


Students really keep me young. They are so intense. They try to set up for the whole day's cases before 7 am. It's my mission to purge them of all the academic mumbo-jumbo they are taught at the University. Hopefully when they graduate they will be more competent than the public employees that make the daily news.

Air-Traffic Controllers asleep in the tower.
Miniature Train derails one hour after being inspected; one child dead, a dozen injured.
TSA workers allow box-cutters on a plane
Security Guard at a Federal Building finds a briefcase outside and brings it into the building; ten days later they discover it contains a bomb.

I always tell my students "We don't want to be on the six o'clock news tonight, DO WE!"


D- said...

Sounds like the students need Dr. Babba's famous Rx....."GET OUT!!!!"

Surely working with you will give these mush filled students a full dose of common sense and a full syringe of practicality. Go for it Master Teacher!

bren said...