Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stay-cation 2.1

I can't believe what I heard on the radio today. Volvo's heavy equipment headquarters is moving out of Asheville. Now Volvo has been pulling out of Asheville for the last five years in installments, sort of like Kodak leaving that socialist hell-hole called Rochester. Volvo is moving the rest of its operation to Pennsylvania. How bad does it have to be in western N.C. for a company to move to PA? There will be a loss of about 230 jobs. The kicker is that the director of economic development said, "on the brighter side there is a large facility available now for another business". That person should be fired just for saying something that stupid. Then there would be another office available for another bureaucrat to move into. This reminds me of Obama telling a crowd there is no inflation because the price of the i-pad has gone down. Someone in the crowd yelled out " I can't eat an i-pad."

Well I survived my root-canal. I guess it was a challenging one. I really did have some dental PID (pus-in-dare). I was in the chair for for an hour and forty five minutes. I probably slept for an hour of it (I always fall asleep at the dentist). I figure it cost me about $24 per minute. I must be slipping, I only charge $4 per minute. So far I only have lost one tooth. I stopped getting my teeth cleaned because I always get the chubby hygienist.

On Easter Babba is making his musical debut. I am to accompany Carol the violin virtuoso with my Irish Bodhran. It will be a duel of who can play the softest. I look at it this way, it's just another instrument to fail at.

Just four more days of stay-cation. I can do it, although CP has started taking Lyrica.

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