Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Agony of the Idiocy

Hyper-Calvinism caught on canvas.

The muse of thesis.

You have to step down into this car.

You may think this bus is full but those thirty people outside are coming aboard.

The average Joe under Obama.

Anyone who ever took Art History knows this painting.

The Great Hall Of Maps. Too bad none of them had the bus lines in Rome.

"Real Housewives Of Troy"

We managed to get around today on the buses. However, we never road the same bus line twice. The worst job in the Sistine Chapel is the security guard trying to keep 400 tourists from talking and taking pictures. We went to the Papal Archives but the librarian wouldn't let Carol see Henry VIII's love letters to Anne Boleyn. I'm getting better at stepping out into speeding traffic. I'm starting to think Marianne may be a great driver after all; she's just in the wrong country. I just like to sit and watch the pretty girls on scooters zip by it's almost like a ballet. I also see granny and grandpas scooting through traffic who in America wouldn't be given a T.V. remote.



D- said...

Keep 'em coming! Question, was that a Fiat you were stooping to look at?

Marianne said...

I've always thought I was meant to be a European driver. All those times I pull death defying stunts pulling into oncoming traffic, not to mention my predilection for parking ON the curb :-)