Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Last Day Of Pompeii.

" Hey guys, I'm here for my audition"

Pompeii.Stock Exchange; it's in better shape than ours.

Today we went to Pompeii. We had to take a train down to Naples. Now when I was a child my parents would say "bafa Nabala". We weren't allowed to say "son of a gun", "go to hell" or "dang" and especially not "bafa Nabala." My Mom explained to me it was like "go to hell" but worse; now I know what she meant. Going from Rome to Naples is like a trip from the second world to the third world. It's like a Monet', it looks good far away , but when you get up close it's just a big old mess. Ben took this picture of us in front of Mt. Vesuvius. He said "Vesuvius was like our marriage, dormant put capable of erupting at any time."

This looks like Starbuck's first coffee grinder.

Pompeii dogs are on the dole.

The Pompeii audio tour predicts another eruption on 5/14/2011.

The train to Pompeii (aka Darjeeling Limited).

Train back to Rome, only 20 minutes late.
Altar in the forum at Pompeii.
McDonalds in Naples

First Class
Entering Pompeii

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Aunt Dot said...

Great pictures. Looks like you're having a wonderful time :-)