Monday, May 16, 2011

Roma: The Saga Continues

Home Interiors Party circa 79 A.D.

Roman Sewer aka M & D' s basement

It would probably get stuck in the wheel well of a Peterbuilt.

I'm with stupid.

The Spanish Steps; the guide book says you must see it. I think a thousand other people had the same book.

Pappa Pia; I know I thought he was Ernest Hemingway also.

You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a church like this one. So many relics, so little time.

Gun designed by DaVinci; I guess he was a bad shot.

Rome is one big Stair-Master

Roman custody battle.

Lake in Villa Borghese.

Terrapin, but no Seraphim

I think there are more Golden Arches, but I could be wrong.

Northern Gate 0f Roma.

Finally a Cappucino Carol's size.

March of the Babba's.

Museo of Modern Art Roma

I'll just make a space on the corner.

American Iron

Prayer Altar outside Ben's house. People stop and say a prayer in the mornings before they venture downtown.

This train isn't leaving until I'm on it.

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Marianne said...

March of the Babbas is now my desktop picture!