Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reel Housewives of Rome

Caesar Flatus Maximus

I'm sure the condo association would love this statue in my front yard.

Pope's starter home; only 2,000 steps to the top.

Hermaphrodite (look carefully)

Single scull on the Tiber

The climate here is wonderful. It's warm but not humid, you don't notice yourself perspiring. I have taken up carrying a water bottle and filling it whenever I find "potable water". A bottle of water can cost anywhere from one to five Euros (a Euro is equal to about $1.25, thanks Obama). The Italians also take a different approach to security. They take a collectivist defensive stance against crime with gated doors and windows, steel shutters, electronic cameras, alarms on everything, chains and front doors that resemble bank vaults with their massive 16 locking bolts. I'm not sure what's better, maybe if all my stuff is gone when I get home I'll rethink things. The people here are really sweet. We met a woman on the train returning from Pompeii, she told us her daughter is going to medical school in Philadelphia. Actually she explained it to Ben, I just nodded my head and put on my Forrest Gump face.


Monica Ell said...

Thanks for the mini-world-tour. I just started blogging a month ago:

Marianne said...

beautiful, Babba!
I especially like that life-like bust of Babbus-Maximus