Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Buffet Euro Style

I thought I had the Euro Buffet down pat. Desserts, coffee and drinks are extra and not included in the price of the buffet. I was wrong. This buffet was 9 Euros each, so with the price of drinks and desserts I thought it would be about 45 Euro (app $65). But when the conto (check) came it was 85 Euros. It seems that it's 9 euro every time I grabbed a new plate. Now I'm not a big buffet stuffer, instead I like to go back up and try little things in small amounts (especially when I don't realize what anything is). So I used 4 plates, I could have fit it all on one plate and I think the last plate had a piece of cantaloupe and a cookie. So we totaled eight plates: I guess I don't know everything about Euro buffets after all, Ka-Ching.

On a lighter note I think I have a dental abscess. There isn't any pain just a feeling of pressure in my ear and a puffy gum. Now I know that when I get home it will take a week to get into my dentist (Mon-Thurs 9am till 4pm), so I decided to go to the pharmacy and see if I can get some kefzol or erythromycin. We go the Farmicia and with Ben translating and me pointing at my dentura abcesso the pharmacist hands me a box of Augmentin. After I point to the label and say no allergic I hand her 10 Euros (about the price of a plate at the buffet) and I'm done. No prescription, no twenty page side effect warning, HIPPA release or insurance paperwork. This is reason enough for me to move to Italy.

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UF said...

On the prescription drug part, yeah, isn't that great? The part I also like is that for routine stuff like that it avoids a separate trip to the doctor to get examined and get the prescription. So they cut out the big part of the total cost.