Sunday, May 06, 2012

Arrived in Roma

We arrived in Roma after the wonderful nine hour Airbus 303 cattle call.  The plane actually had about thirty empty seats.  Forget about the free wi-fi, what you need for these long trips is a Propofol IV Infusion.  Short of total intravenous anesthesia, nothing can blunt the pain of having some elderly Delta-Dawn blowhard  talk for seven hours to a complete stranger in the row behind us at 65 decibels.  I now know more about her life than I do CP's.  She spoke with a southern-whine that bypassed my cerebral cortex and drilled into my brainstem like retinal angiography.  Her bloviating wit managed to clear out the other three passengers in her row allowing her to stretch out for a one hour nap after the eighty one year old ex-pat guy she was talking to feigned death.  Rows ten to twenty would have gladly dropped the loud-ugly-american out the door over the Azores but we all held our tongues till we were on the airport tram where we all let out a group WTF.  Luckily, Delta-Dawn was in the next tram and couldn't hurt us any more.

It's raining and cool here in Rome.  We had a nice nap and are sitting on Ben's patio just enjoying the eternal city.


UF said...

Glad to hear you and CP arrived none the worse for wear, Babba.

Aunt Dot said...

On those transatlantic flights, I'm one that could benefit from a propofol IV infusion.....but I have some generic Soma's (left-over from a reinjury post-op rotator cuff mini-repair, decompression and acromium shave). I was thinking they might relax my muscles enough as long as we don't have a Delta Dawn near us for our next trip coming up!

Enjoy your time with Ben!

Aunt Mary said...


Marianne said...

Glad you guys are okay! Mom's message sounded so cryptic, I was hoping for a repeat of the little dog incident

Babba Gi said...

The more time zones we pass by, the more cryptic Mom becomes. I think Mom had trouble with the Euro Cell Phone.
We went for a short walk to the ATM in the rain , I dodged my first speeding car and we stopped for coffee at Ben's favorite bakery where the owner remembered we are Ben's parents.
If the rain lets up we will visit four church's and only walk four miles today.
CP has told me to always bring my camera no matter what we're doing because even a short walk to the ATM
has the possibility of a great picture.