Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Analog And CP Is Digital

Why is it, that when I ask CP a question, she answers me with a question? Her non-responsive answers and probing qualifying statements make me crazy. 

An example of this phenomena:

Babba: Have you checked your e-mail lately?
CP: Why do you ask? What's in my e-mail?

The affirmative yes, or the negative no eludes CP.
I think this trait is related to CP's inability to watch a movie neither of us have seen without asking me questions every five minutes as if I've seen it before. It may be that her brain is wired to always seek more information while mine works on a "need to know" basis.

CP's rebuttal:

Here's tonight's scenario from my perspective (which means it's based in reality.) I walk past Babba, who has the laptop open to the email sign-on page. He asks, "Have you checked your email lately?"  I find this question odd. I ask, "Why? What's in my email?" 

Babba is offended by this. He believes that his every question should be answered as if I'm in the witness box and he's Perry Mason. So, after going back and forth, and my refusing to answer until I had an explanation, he reminded me he had told me earlier that a co-worker of his was going to email me a photo of her baby.

So, who's right? Was Babba's question merely the equivalent of asking what time it was? Or was I perfectly justified in seeking clarification  of what appeared to be an off the wall question?

You be the judge!


Aunt Mary said...

Why do you ask?

Babba-Gi said...

Good one M, another non responsive Scavo answer.

UF said...

You are both right.

Marianne said...

This is hilarious.

You are both crazy.

What's Bo's side of the story?

D- said...

LOL!!! Sounds very much like Mary and me. In our minds we're always "right".

Marianne, Bo is oblivious. He just loves attention and a great bowl of chow.

goober said...

This is precisely why I don't watch newer movies with A.Laura.

Reminds me of the daily 20 Questions received immediately after coming home from elementary school as a child.

Aunt Mary said...

Hey! Excuuuuuuse me for being YOUR MOTHER.

Aunt Dot said...

I'm conflicted....

Abigail Getty said...

Why does this sound familiar...

"Woman! Where! Is! My! Supersuit?!"
"WHY do you need to KNOW?!" ;>)