Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Tuesday and Wednesday in Rome

Ben's dining room
Girls, horses & Policemen

Baptist Youth Group

Train through Borghese Park

Gates of the city

Borghese Gallery

It's a Kenley Original

Carol praying I don't get hit by a bus

Plaza Del Popolo

A small Basilica

No drop ceilings here.

Working off his student loans

Home of the poet Shelley

My scooter's here somewhere

The cars keep getting smaller

We just happened into this courtyard 

I'm ready for the buses

Our bus driver went on strike

Plaza Novona

Bernini made this statue

Another obelisk


His tomb in the pantheon

Os in the dome of the Pantheon

Fountain in Plaza Navona

Caravaggio's St. Matthew hangs in a French Church


Aunt Dot said...

I'm loving' the scooter!

Marianne said...

Oh my goodness, Dad, you're too funny. I wish we could glom on to your fun! We'll have to be satisfied with your blog updates!