Sunday, May 13, 2012

Firenze Pix

The ladies of Italo-Tran are eager to help Babba

The brand new station, graffiti free

Leaving Rome

We slowed down from 260 km/hr

The countryside
I don't think they got the message
Inside the duomo

Dante's hell

Our hell, climbing to the top of the duomo

Firenze is for lovers

Our guide and security

View from our patio

The smaller Basilica

Inside the Basilica

City Hall
The duomo, can you see us at the top

Firenze Marathon

I'm about ten people back

Flag throwing

Flags waving for the victors

Another handsome Italian

The drummers are cheering me on

The thrill of victory
The choir came out after mass and just started singing acapela.  Passersby would just stop and join in.

The real David is this big, but he's not pink

Union horse, he's happy he's not being served in the Restorante

Another David wanna-be

Only bridge not bombed by the Allies

Restored bombed out bridge

CP's on a "soup-crawl"

Countryside on the way home



Marianne said...

Beautiful pictures!

Aunt Mary said...

Your summer home needs to be in Firenze.

Aunt Dot said...

Loved "Firenze is for lovers" ! And your security person and guide :-)

Babba-Gi said...

He's actually my "handler".