Friday, May 11, 2012


Today the buses and Metro go on strike from 0900 until 1730. Actually, this may be good because I have a much better chance of not being mowed down. Yesterday, we discovered the Metro. We found it very cool and pleasant. It was completely devoid of the muggers, lovers, and thieves we've been warned about. Since we don't want to get Shanghaid in the south we are trying to find a park north of Ben's. We are being brave because we are going Off map. Ben has given us the usual directions (go a few blocks make a right, another mile make a left at the top of the hill,go three blocks to the fountain then take the first alley, you can't miss it). Yesterday we went to the catacombs to see my co-workers. It's literally the coolest place in Rome. Leave it to the Roman efficiency to create the original "Big-Box" cemetery. The bus took us down the Appia Antica to the Low rent Christian section. After our cool respite in the underworld we had to walk a half mile and find the secret bus stop that would bring us back to Circus Maximus. We can always find the right bus we need because it's always the one that is just pulling away. Waiting for a bus on the Appia Antica is like standing on the course of a Formula One race for a half hour. Well it will be interesting to see what "Rome A La Strike" tastes like. I got a feeling all these people are just going to stay home today.


UF said...

By the way, how has your experience been with not speaking Italian?

Babba-Gi said...

A mio parere non c'e' un problema. In italiano si parla con le mani quindi io faccio come un mimo!

UF said...

Ah, right. The universal language.