Friday, March 07, 2008

Bo saved by Heimlich Maneuver

We had a little excitement here last night. At 8 pm I gave Bo his raw-hide chew and we got our decaf and were settling in for the next Survivor episode. Bo is behind the couch enjoying his chewy when I hear a yelp and he goes running into Ben's room. I go in there and he is jumping around like a bucking bronco and violently shaking his head back and forth. He would do this for about 10 seconds and then he would sit perfectly still with a terrified look on his face for a minute and then do it all over again. I guessed he had the rawhide stuck in his throat. Now Bo being the pig that he is usually inhales his raw-hide chew and then spits it up and chews it a little more and swallows and repeats the cycle a few times. It's real pleasant to listen to.

Now Ben and I are in the room with him trying to calm him down. I'm thinking "he's breathing; I should let him work it out himself." After about twenty minutes he runs out into the living room. CP, who is engrossed in the latest immunity challenge on Survivor, asks if everything is OK. "It's not", I say as Bo goes into another psychotic episode. I'm afraid I'll make it worse if I try to examine him. Then I remember our neighbor is a veterinary assistant so we call her up and she comes running over. She looks at Bo who is in his sitting phase and then sees him start bucking and says "this is not good". We grab Bo and she opens his mouth and reaches in and removes the chewy. It was wedged against is soft palate like a denture. I was so excited it took me an hour to fall asleep later. I know everyone is tired of Bo stories but this was freaky. Does anyone want a newly open bag of beef-basted raw-hide chews?

He's Still Alive!!!!!!


Marianne said...

how scary!!!
CLEARLY Bo should come live here with ME.

Thomas said...

I betcha one good kick to Bo's hiney would've dislodged that raw-hide chew no problem.

Aunt Dot said...

Thank goodness for the right kind of neighbor:-)

M- said...

Aww...poor Bo. No one is happy to see a little animal in stress. Glad to hear he's okay.

Anonymous said...

Scary for sure! But once again you've got me smiling. It's the part where Bo bucks like a Bronco. "Saddle up your horses lets go for a ride".
I'm afraid Thomas's solution would not have worked in this case. A good kick in the hiney is only for stupid dogs who attack newspaper boys delivering the Rochester Times Union.
I'm glad your cute little fuzzy guy is OK.


aannie said...

Yea, Bo's ok!
You wouldn't have a blog if it weren't for Bo and Obama