Saturday, March 15, 2008

Still @ Airport

Still at the gate. Now there is a lady next to me blowing her nose every 30 seconds; there are tissues everywhere. Across from me is this huge guy sleeping on his belly, sprawled out like a dead guy. I wish I had a can of spray paint to trace his outline; new regulations won't permit a spray can past security. There is a lady across the isle with a hefty bag full of Animal Crackers for the trip. I hope I'm next to her. I need to use the restroom. I'm praying I don't run into some toe-tapping Senator from Idaho.


Marianne said...

Fly with Babba: We'll be Encountering Some Turbulence. Please Buckle Your Seat Belts and Prepare to Laugh

M- said...

It use to be "fun" people watching. Now it freaks me out. I hope you got the animal cracker lady.

Aunt Dot said...

Don't scare Mary, Babba. We want she and Dick to come out.

On second thought, how 'bout you and Carol taking a hop over here on some of your many flights to Vegas? We could use some laughs in person:-)

Babba-Gi said...
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