Saturday, March 22, 2008

Demon of U.S. Cellular; COME OUT!

Ever since I returned from Area-51 my cell phone is acting weird. It puts calls into voice mail after one ring, it breaks up and drops calls. I did the *228 thing to try to re-sync it, but it wouldn't sync, and the message displayed said contact Verizon. I stopped into Verizon and described what it was doing. As a joke I said it was acting like my old U.S. Cellular phone. The girl said that it was still programed for Las Vegas and was using U.S. Cellular towers. She gave me the secret *22800 code in case it ever happens again. Just a little reminder of why I left U.S. Cellular.

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Dick said...

ET hasn't tried to phone home has he? Those interplanetary long distance bills are horrendous!