Friday, March 21, 2008

Don't Buy This @#?%

CB strikes again. Since I'm on vacation, just hanging around, I went to Sam's Club to get CP's tires rotated. That's the kind of stuff middle-aged-white-guys do on vacation. Since getting the tires took 4 hours I figured that a tire rotation was a good way to kill a day off. I was fortunate, I was the only customer, so it only took an hour and a half for the rotation. During this time I leisurely did my shopping.

I needed some Febreze. I like to spray Bo's couch and love-seat once a month. I couldn't believe they had Febreze. Usually they only have the commercial Odo-Ban; the concentrate that makes 30 gallons of spray. I'm in a quandary. Do I get 64 oz. of Fabreeze or the five quart Odo-Ban concentrate that makes up to 30 gallons? Deciding what drug to prescribe for someone is much easier than this. I tried to sniff the Odo-Ban but it was sealed under the cap. Since I couldn't smell anything I thought I was safe. I come home and remove the pre-filled spray bottle from the gallon jug and spray the couch, love-seat and my well seasoned recliner. Within 3 seconds of the first spray CP comes running out of the office choking. I continue to saturate these three pieces of furniture remaining in a state of denial.

Well, this stuff isn't a generic equivalent to Febreze. Now the house smells like a Motel-6, or worse, an airport rest-room. It's so bad that CP had to leave and went to the gym. At least it's warm out and I can open the windows. Ben's girlfriend came over and I had to tell her to wait outside. Elizabeth has multiple allergies and I thought this would put her into anaphylaxis. I will return it to Sam's. Usually I use half the product and then return it but I don't even want this chemical weapon in the house. Maybe I will wait for a rainy day, since it usually takes an hour to return something at Sam's. I was there so early I didn't even get any samples. I need some air, I'm feeling dizzy!


David said...

What does Bo think of the OdoBan scent?

Babba-Gi said...

He's on his "pouting couch" paw-up!

M- said...

Babba, it's much cheaper to have the furniture cleaned, then keep a washable blanket over it. But then, who am I?

Have you seen the "E.L.Raymond" episode where he sprays the counters with some cheap cleaner, then sets the kitchen on fire? You must be the understudy.

But I can't laugh at you. I'm the one that puts ashes in paper bags and sets them on old wooden sleds. Hey, at least the house it was resting against had asbestos siding!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't rush for the EMT equipment and put on a "Scott Air Pak".