Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Friendly Skies

Here we are at Charlotte International Airport waiting for our non stop flight to Vegas. The only thing missing is the plane. It's on the tarmac in Jacksonville, Fla. with mechanical problems. What happened, did the rubber band break? Put a can of Stop-Leak in it and let's take off already.

So, I have another two hours to sit here. It gives me time to look at all the rabble waiting at the gate with me. Who will sit next to me? Oh, there is the 700 lb. couple just across from me. It's not very warm in the terminal , yet sweat is dripping off them. And there is Bambi, she's wearing a white body stocking, I feel the urge to go over and pants her. Over there are the gang bangers, each one of them must weigh 400 lbs. There's a couple of DINKS sitting over there watching their mutual funds implode on their BlackBerry. Every 31 seconds the gate guy announces the new arrival time in some foreign dialect.

CP insisted we take the mini-laptop. (CP here: Babba told me it was a dumb idea.) I'm glad we did because now you can get live uncut Babba. I just keep telling myself that sometime tonight I'll be in Area-51 looking for UFO's with the rest of the residents at the home.


Aunt Dot said...

Ha! What's a DINK?

Babba-Gi said...

DINK: Double Income No Kids