Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fourth Time Is Not The Charm

Well, I picked up the Olds yesterday, drove
it out and after a half mile I realized the A/C still is blowing hot air. They replaced the compressor but now the drier (which is always replaced with the compressor) is leaking.

But I'm not discouraged, because the A/C expert is off tomorrow and the young fella that's going to work on it told me "I don't know much about air conditioning." So there is a chance it will be fixed right. After 30 days I can just leave it there as salvage under the "law of the sea." Right now I'm thinking of installing venetian blinds, a block of ice and a fan!


D- said...

Just keep on keeping on.....eventually they'll tire of you and fix that wonderful old car hoping never to see you again.

M- said...

Kahuna? Are you stinkin kidding? Wonderful old car? Yikes, Babba, enough already!

Babba Gi said...

If I was kidding I would say "A horse walks into a bar.....! When I called yesterday the said it's fixed but they would like to keep it one more day and go over it with the leak tester and the blue-light. I said sure, keep it. I wanted to say I'll pick it up in November when it's cool out.