Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mr, Bad Wrench

The A/C in my Olds still doesn't work. It seems like the rebuilt compressor they put in wasn't rebuilt too well. This is now my fourth trip in for this little problem.

I'm doing remarkably well with this. I'm also learning a lot about auto air-conditioning from all the trade magazines in the waiting room.

You know it's bad when you hear the mechanic say "shit" when the office gal tells him "the Olds is back." I feel bad because I know that any profit they made will be eaten up by labor costs and the price of R-32 refrigerant. I had this trouble with rebuilt water pumps from Checker Auto Parts; sure, they're guaranteed, but after the third lemon you get tired of changing it.

I'm praying that the next compressor will be the charm. I can't stand going back to the garage where my car is regarded as a "turd that won't flush."

I want my mechanic to be happy; the same way I am when I see a 500 lb. patient.


D- said...

Lousy Compressor? Was the system properly pumped down? Did they change out the expansion valve too? Did they change out the drier also? Do they now have the leak die in the refrigerant? Proper amount of refrigerant oil for the system?
These are some of the things that cause AC rebuilds to fail (except for the die). I used to hear a lot of cussing during the summer from VW mechanics who failed to check/change these units out when the cars would come back and the mechanics had to fix the cars on their own time(without pay).
Ahhh... "Flat Rate" would make you or break you all in one day.

Babba-Gi said...

You don't want to make the mechanic mad. Once I ticked-off a mechanic in Nevada and he didn't tighten the brake lines to the master cylinder. I learned they have a Stop-Leak for Freon.

The first time I found the bolts that hold the air box laying on the cowling when I got home. The second visit they left them out again and had to search through the bucket-o-bolts to find two that would fit because I checked before I drove out.

It's sort of like leaving my patients with the nurses; I just go home and pray.