Friday, April 01, 2011

Nice Bunn's

Can anyone make a coffee maker that lasts more than 18 months and costs less than
$250? We had a Black & Decker Carafe coffee maker that lasted 15 years. After that we have had a parade of coffee makers. Krupp, Cuisinart (cuss-in-at), B&D, G.E. etc.

Now Bunn makes an non-commercial coffee maker for about $150. The problem with it is that it keeps a quart of water heated to 200'F 24 hour a day. Now I'm not a greenie, but it seems like a waste to have a miniature water heater on your counter all day for that morning coffee and evening decaf.

Shopping for a coffee maker will drive you nuts. You read the reviews and they are split between one and five stars. It's the best coffee ever versus the biggest POS ever made. I'm not asking for much in this age of 5G networks, I just want a coffee maker that will last five years. One that doesn't clog up, leak, turn itself off and on or growl like a dog.

Tomorrow I'm going to Wally's and buying an eighteen dollar Mr. Coffee. This way in a year when I turn it on and it goes POP I can just toss it and get another one. Plus, I won't be stuck with 400 fancy #4 cone filters.

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