Saturday, April 09, 2011

I Need To Blend

I need to get ready for my trip to Rome. It seems my
wardrobe is deficient in scarfs, white pants, and double breasted suits with pocket squares. In fact my wardrobe currently consists of three pairs of Levi's
jeans and four L.L. Bean canvas shirts. I have church jeans, work jeans and dirty work jeans. I do have a dress suit that's on standby for my funeral. I'll have to get a fashion consult before I depart.

Now this is more my kind of fashion. I think I could pick this outfit up at an estate sale in Flat Rock. I think the vest needs to be let out a bit. I really like the three quarter sleeves and the skinny guinea tie.

This look would be a natural for me. I just need some size 40 Docker's , Dr Scholl's velcro walkers, and a breezy cotton shirt. This guy looks just like my grandfather.

These are pictures of Atri, Italy. It's on the Adriatic Sea just straight across the boot from Rome. It's where my ancestors emigrated from in 1918. It's a retirement area and sort of a dump. However, it looks like a great place to me. I hear they are getting a Wal-Mart.


D- said...

Don't forget to change your shoes. We Americans are spotted miles away because we all seem to wear white Nikes. Outside of the language barrier, you and Carol will blend right in with the natives. Enjoy you trip!

UF said...

So, are you going to visit Atri?

Aunt Dot said...

You know what is interesting, Babba? When we were in Catania in Sicily, it was really beautiful. The weather was warm -- in the 70's -- and people were still wearing winter coats and neck scarves. When we remarked to Jose and Joanna about it, they said that they couldn't believe it either. Don't know if Rome will be the same...We were there in early May last year. Seems like a long time ago now :-) Have a wonderful time!