Thursday, April 21, 2011

Go Bare-Ass

I'm really sick and tired of hearing "American's don't
want to cut entitlements." I don't care what you want America, we are broke. What part of broke don't you understand? In fact we are worse than broke, we are in hock up to our eyeballs. Who are we in hock to? We owe our soul to the devil, the Red Chinese.

America doesn't want to; it sure sounds like whining to me. It's the toddler that doesn't want to go to Children's Church, The teenager that doesn't want to go to grandma's, the pre-schooler that doesn't want to wear a hat in winter. We don't need a bunch of Founding Fathers to come back from the grave and tell us what to do. The word want should not even be part of the conversation. The fact that it's still used shows our understanding of the situation isn't based in reality. It's time for Dad to call the family around the kitchen table and tell everyone the truth. The trouble is, America doesn't have a real Dad, it has a Step-dad that doesn't give a rats rear end about its future.

My Polish Aunt had the right idea. When my cousin didn't want to wear the one pair of clean pants he had to church my Aunt told him "you don't want to wear those pants to church, then go bare-ass." It's time for America to either wear the pants we have or go bare-ass!"


Aunt Dot said...

Go Babba! You tell 'em!

D- said...

You have to send the link to your political reps. Your aunt is/was the "bomb"!