Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sixty-four Hours Of House Arrest

Messianic Christians, I don't get it. Is it like the Judaizers revisited? Can't we leave the poor Jews alone? I think it's part of our modern societal group neurosis to attempt to glom onto some other ethnic group. Maybe they want to be more Jewish than Jesus. Where will it end? What's next, Messianic Cowboys, Messianic Episcopalians, Messianic Pipe-Fitters? If you want to live the Law, dance in circles and light candles go ahead; but don't call yourself Jewish. You haven't paid your dues, and you're not smart enough.

Gas is getting close to $4.00/gal, Go-Bama!
Luckily for me I'm not driving to Italy. I never would have thought my Honda Element would hold $48.00 worth of petrol.
My Oldsmobile's Blue Book value changes when I fill up.

In Mexico they are rioting because the price of gas hit $2.80/gal. Maybe if our price goes up to $5.00 gallon' the ones up here will drive back down to join the protest.

Some poor schmo plugged his Chevy Volt in and went to bed only to awaken to his house on fire. Maybe they should rename it the Mr. Coffee. At least they were saved by smoke alarms. There are fifty homeowners in Canada that weren't so lucky; they were electrocuted by their solar panels

What's up with the F.A.A., are they hiring narcoleptics? For $40/hr with full benefits I know a bunch people that can stay awake. If a truck driver falls asleep he's fired. If he's lucky and only kills himself, he might avoid doing hard-time. The government answer to the problem is to hire them an assistant. Look for the Air-Traffic Controllers Assistant program at your local Community College. Can't we just hire an illegal alien with a hat pin to stick the Pickwickian controller in the bum to wake him up? How about this, "You Fall Asleep You're Fired."


Aunt Dot said...

Said to the tone of Robert di Nero: "You're good, Babba, you're good."

So, when do you leave for Italia?

Babba Gi said...

When Carol tells me (May 7th)

Aunt Dot said...

You're one brow-beaten man, aren't you Babba?

Hey, have a great time!! Give Benny a hug for us :-)

M- said...

This reads like a Johnny Carson routine. ;)